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Venetian plaster has been around for centuries. Dating back to the times of the ancient Romans, it was only during the 16th century renaissance, that the material became an inspiration for multiple skilled craftsmen and artists. At SuperSurfaces, this technique is matched with an impeccable finish that makes any regular surface a masterpiece in its own right, transforming your space into haute art.

We unite art and science in a truly unique way to create the most authentic finishes on any surface. Sourcing natural lime from Italy and other parts of the world, we create plasters that can be applied to surfaces, in varying designs and patterns, to achieve extraordinary special effects. Blend in special additives such as mother of pearl, marble flour or gold flakes, and you get lustrous façades!

SuperSurfaces is the first Indian company, and one of the very few across the world, that exclusively specialises in this ancient technique of wall decoration, giving it a modern contour. We’re a design-solution based company that strives to look beyond just catalogues and lists. Customisation, creativity, technique – these are our three pillars. We can cater to every imagination of our client with our trademark finish of perfection.

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